Book shelves, reading spaces and meeting rooms will transform into a watery wonderland to tell the tale of Alluriat - a bond that seems unbreakable beneath the waves. Told by two performers - using puppetry, illusion and physical theatre, this bold new show fuses stunning visuals and state-of-the-art digital technology to explore themes of love and division, nurture and abandonment and environmental change. ​​


Alluriat will take you down into the deep. Meet creatures of light never seen before. But beware, you may transform into a fish!

A tale of twins torn apart by a fearsome storm. Will they find light in the depths? Children will meet the characters before entering their sunken world.


Alluriat is performed in a unique mobile venue which can be quickly erected in almost any space (4m x 7m minimum!)


Even in a busy brightly lit library, children can enter a new world, with live puppetry, projections and holographic trickery!

It is a magical show and encompasses technologies to dazzle, thought-provoking choreography and an original score.

We are currently booking a tour for late Autumn/ Winter 2020. Additional dates welcome!

Contact us for further information about scheduling the show at your venue and costs. We aim to accommodate your requirements to ensure the show is accessible to all.     

"It is not often that I come across a production for young people that has such high production values and concentrates as much on visuals and sound as on the story and characters."

Tim Webb, Artistic Director, The Oily Cart

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