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Forest Tribe is an Artist-Led, Award Winning, Carbon-Neutral innovative company that creates bespoke immersive digital theatre for all audiences. 


In particular, audiences from under-represented socio economic groups as well as children and young people with additional needs (including PMLD, autism, deaf/blind). 


We strive to find new ways to connect with our loyal audiences. We are aware of the capabilities to form new entertainment.

Our background in immersive sensory theatre and digital technology produces creative content that will increase the sector’s growth.


Forest Tribe has a strong ethos in sustainability and is we pioneer dynamic ways to reduce our carbon footprint through our creative process and our immersive shows.


We are a diverse-led company and make every effort to employ a diverse freelance workforce. We play a role in diversifying the cultural sector-  advocating positive change.


We listen and make compelling stories that resonates with our audiences. Our audiences play an active and equal role in the making of our work.


The very nature of our work are for audiences who are both neurodiverse and neurotypical. We take care to ensure our work connects with our audiences.

creative dynamism

We create exciting work that pushes the boundaries to create our risk-taking and artistically - led work to reach new audiences and platforms. 


We celebrate the richness of our society and bring "unheard" voices to the stage

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DEBBIE BANDARA (Artistic Director)

Debbie Bandara is the founder of Forest Tribe. Her desire is to make risk -taking and innovative work that reaches new audiences who rarely experience arts and creativity. She has developed her repertoire and explores the power of language through movement. Her work delves into digital technology with her background in Artificial Intelligence.


Her directing, choreography, writing and producing skills for shows demonstrates her passion for crafting highly-artistic immersive work for her audiences.

She is the former Associate Director for The Oily Cart and where she was the lead choreographer and co-director for their shows for children with complex needs, deaf blind, global developmental delay, autism and profound multiple learning needs. She also supports practitioners who make work for audiences with complex needs.

She regularly mentors emerging diverse and inclusive artists. She is also the Champion for England's International Inclusive Arts Network (ASSITEJ).

David is a blacksmith and sculptor with over 20 years experience. He specialises in metal and wood public realm creations for sculpture trails, gardens, exhibitions and interiors. 

David has designed and created set, props and costumes for Forest Tribe's shows.

He is also a professional writer, and has written for many of the shows at Forest Tribe. 

(Head of Design)

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Forest Tribe has a brilliant advisory board that guides, oversees and supports the company. Our current board member are: 
Damian Harris (Chair)
Allison Moulton (Finance)
Andrew North (Business Development)
Nikki Hallam (Education)
We recruit members on a rolling basis and always happy to hear from those interested in supporting the company.
Company Ltd by Guarantee, Registered In England No : 12375711 
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