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Are we still animal? Have humans morphed into androids while they slept? 

FaZe explores the complex symbiosis of humanity and technology. Nature and machine. At an epoch-defining moment in our evolution, facing ecological collapse while we train machines to take over the functions of our intelligence. Is this a milestone in our destruction or the route to our salvation… where does this leave the mind?


FaZe tears into the dynamic of our addiction to the technology that we love and fear in equal measure. Are we still a part of nature? Is the machine a part of us?


Faze is an inclusive dance/physical theatre project with two strands; A probing dance theatre piece for all audiences and an immersive interactive experience for young people with profound and multiple learning needs using newly created haptic technologies.


In one we question how technology might corrupt us, in the other we grasp cutting edge tech and use it for good.

Concept - Debbie Bandara & David Freedman

Devised by - Debbie Bandara, David Freedman, Ellie Begley & Shyla Toulalan

Choreography - Debbie Bandara

Performers - Ellie Begley, Shyla Toulalan

Music - @daptika_music (David Freedman)

Musical Instrument and set - David Freedman

Cinematography and images - Tom Rout (

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