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The company  is consistently finding new ways of engage audiences through digital formats. Recently, Forest Tribe has been part of Creative XR cohort, developing UK’s most innovative creative technology for the current climate. The CEO, has a background in Artificial Intelligence and the Creative Sector. She is very aware of the capabilities to merge and form new entertainment that will reach more audiences. Her background in immersive sensory theatre allows her to produce unique creative content that will increase the sector’s growth during the current climate.
At the start of the pandemic, February 2020, we set up a virtual homeschooling programme, where our audeinces could access educational material for  "Alluriat". The material supported the National Curriculum for keystages 1 & 2. 
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Forest Tribe Theatre have appeared as guest speakers at conferences and events in the UK and in Europe. 


Find out more about our work, presentations and workshops below.

Creating the Cart, Oily Cart Summer School

2018- to date


Creative Director, Debbie Bandara immersed her participants into a world of the senses and how we use movement to explore set design and theatrical sensory engagement. 

Panel Workshops

2017- to date

Creative director has attended and spoke on a panel focusing on multi sensory design, the education on the senses and sensory diversity.