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As we create shows, we will provide lesson plans and ideas based on our shows so that school groups that attend performances can use these to tie in with the National Curriculum. 


We work extensively with schools and inclusive practitioners to develop and create highly imaginative and bespoke pieces for neuro-diverse children and young people. 


Debbie's experience and knowledge of creating pieces for audiences with ASC and PMLD has allowed her to dedicate time to work alongside special schools as well as her skilled performers and creatives to merge the freedom of creativity to connect with children who might see the world differently from neuro-typical children.

The pieces has an inclusive approach from the creation, making to the performing by listening and ensuring all voices are heard throughout the process.

It is important to see how venues and programmers encourage an inclusive offer and by creating this work we are hoping to raise the profile of the work that is necessary to increase audience engagement in their regions.



For Alluriat we have provided the poem on which the performance is based along with some extracts from the script for children to work with. They can be downloaded below.

The Alluriat Poem written by David Freedman

Teaching plan for KS2 to cover ICT curriculum looking at constructing projections in 3d form

A cross- curriclular Teaching plan for KS2 for topic planning.
Half term project with evaluation. 

A Teaching plan for KS2 for English Poetry construction.  

A Teaching plan for KS2 focusing on PE and Dance expression and development physical theatre in school settings

A Teaching plan for KS2 focusing on Drama techniques and application in English.


As our 2019 Alluriat tour begins with 2 weeks of Library dates

especially for school groups, here are some DOWNLOADS for schools. For more information about the show, plus trailers and images, click here

Planning written by Debbie Bandara. Please contact for use.
The original poem written by David Freedman. Please contact
Please kindly mention our work when displaying it publically in your settings.
Thank you.

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