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Forest Tribe Theatre is committed to being an asset to the planet rather than creating waste.

Our base in Cheshire is a converted watermill running a hydro-electric turbine which provides all our energy needs, 100% carbon free and exports enough power for 40 - 50 homes.


Our touring shows are created using minimal waste, re-using second hand and waste materials to create set and costume and ensuring that all other items are responsibly sourced from fair trade and ethical suppliers.


Our shows use recycled and sustainable items. For example, our show EVOLVE was created with set from recycled materials including used water pumps, tea pots, duvet covers, cushions and more as well as ethically produced rugs made from recycled clothing, kindly donated by Shared Earth.


All set and materials from previous shows is re-purposed, re-used, recycled or sold to help fund future projects. We are determined to leave a positive impact through environmental themes in our shows and through responsible use of resources as a company.


Touring is planned so that travel is minimised and as local as possible and our current tour vehicle is Ultra Low Emission Zone compliant."

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